San Juan del Sur rental Casa de Cooper

About Casa de Cooper

Sandra and I came to Nicaragua in 2006 to visit a friend for a week. Before the week was finished, we fell in love with San Juan del Sur. We purchased Casa de Cooper that week as a one bedroom house which, in a short period of time, became a 3 bedroom house with 2 units along with our private quarters. We loved it then and love it today. We welcome you to visit with us and enjoy waking up in Paradise.

Casa de Cooper in English is the "House of Cooper". George and Sandra Cooper, the owners, are from Arlington, Texas and use Casa de Cooper as their vacation home.

Designed by Guzman and Associates, a well known architectural firm from Managua, Nicaragua, the Casa has 2 individual units, 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas and 5 bathrooms along with 2 private swimming pools. 

Our Casa is nestled within Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort’s Phase 2. It was originally managed by the Resort, but in 2013 became a separate property completely managed by George and Sandra.