San Juan del Sur rental Casa de Cooper

Things you should know about Casa de Cooper


Our Staff

We are proud of our staff and the work they do to keep the property in good shape for your stay at Casa de Cooper.  If you need special assistance, you may contact our Property Manager:

            Vilma Virginia Bustos – 8784.5994

Our staff’s names are:

            Housekeeping – Keyla
            Property Manager – Gabriel

They are here to assist you so, do not hesitate to ask for help.

When the owners are in residence, you may contact them at:

            George Cooper – 8467.2020

There are 4 different private Internet networks serving Casa de Cooper because of the concrete and steel walls.  The Internet signal in some parts of the Casa may be weak. 

These are the private networks:

Casa de Cooper                          (good connection in bedrooms of Vista Paraiso)
Casa de Cooper_netgear2       (this is the strongest in Vista Paraiso)
Casa de Cooper_netgear5       (best for Vista Paraiso living area of house)
Romantica                                     (best for Casita Romantica)

The password for each of the services is 3535545455

As you move about the property, you may have to re-sign in to the different networks.  If you are a guest in Casita Romantica, the Romantica network will be the strongest.  In Casa Vista Paraiso, use either Casa de Cooper_netgear2 or Casa de Cooper networks.  The Casa de Cooper_netgear5 is the strongest network since it operates at 5 GHz.

Electrical and Air-conditioning

There are occasional power outages.  During these outages we will do our best to provide electrical service with our 25KVA back-up generator.

Exterior pathway lights will be turned on each night at 5 pm.  Each patio has their own electrical switch, both inside and outside, to control their individual patio lights.  If they are too bright, you may turn them off.

When leaving your room, please turn-off lights and set air-conditioning to 78 degrees.


Our sewer system is very sensitive.  In each of the bathrooms we have placed a trash receptacle for disposing of toilet tissues and any other personal items.  Please use these receptacles.  If you have a problem with the sewer, please let housekeeping know.

Water is a precious commodity in Nicaragua.  We appreciate your help to conserve.   If you need fresh towels, please place the used towels and washcloths on the floor.


We provide housekeeping Monday through Sunday with the exception of Thursday.  Our housekeepers name is Keyla.  She will be happy to assist you.

The bedding is changed each Wednesday of the week for guests that are staying on weekly bases.


Our Groundskeeper is Antonio who will be happy to help you with your luggage and or grocery delivery.  He is available Monday through Sunday with the exception of Saturday when he attends the University.

Antonio works from 8-5.  He will be taking care of the landscape and doing light maintenance. 

Drinking Water

We do provide drinking water for the water dispensers.  The charge for a 5 gallon  bottle of water is $4.  If you want new water, let housekeeping know and they will see to it that it is replaced.

Outdoor BQ’s

We furnish a gas grill for your use while staying with us.  The charge for the gas bottle is $25 per battle of gas.  BQ utensils are in the kitchen.  You will have to use the propane lighter that is with the utensils to light the BQ.  There may be some gas in the current bottle left by a previous guest.

Private Swimming Pool

During the windy season if can be difficult to keep the pools clear.  Be assured the water is sanitized.  Our Groundskeeper checks the chlorine and PH levels each day and treats as necessary.